This Crazy Life

Shannon Noll

Friday 23 November

Wests New Lambton

Nollsie is from the South African jungle having once again been crowned as Australia’s favourite runner up! His second place victory is reminiscent of his 2003 Australian Idol placing but this all just makes Shannon Noll more determined to prove why he is still around!

With his head held high and with a once in a lifetime experience behind him, Shannon Noll is excited to chat about his new album release UNBROKEN. This is his first new album in seven years and was released while he was in the jungle. After some time with his family, his forthcoming tour which will see him cover the country with his new songs and his biggest hits!

To celebrate the release of Unbroken, Shannon will hit the road with his band, doing what he loves best, performing to his loyal fans.

‘I’m champing at the bit to go play them live,’ says Shannon. ‘There were a couple of years where I didn’t play as much but that has revitalised me. I’m singing better than I ever have and the band is cooking. It’s back to the days of being lots of fun, rather than worrying about what’s around the corner.’